The book Majestic Kosovo Vol.1

Majestic Kosovo Vol. 1 is the second book from the author, Benny Islami, published in February 2014. As the first book, Pure Kosovo, published in January 2013, it contains photos from most of the mountain regions of Kosovo.  This product from NJERI LLC contains 208 pages and around 300 pictures from the beautiful nature of Kosovo. The text is in English and Albanian. The book costs 29.99 EU and can be purchased in these stores:

Dukagjini book store in Prishtina,
Buzuku book store in Prishtina,
Artini book store in Prishtina, 
Duty Free at the Prishtina Airport (they sell this for 45 EU per piece)

You can also order the book through telephone: +377 44 18 22 19 and +386 49 412 541 or e-mail:

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To see the content of the first book "Pure Kosovo" (2013) click here