New page, Hiking Njeri, launched within

Hello to the Hiking fans,

finally, the long awaited new version of the page,, is launched containing 10 pages of different activities. The page has been created to promote outdoor sports in Kosovo and other attractive activities. Inside Hiking Njeri's page, one can abtain the newest information about our activities and also enjoy plenty of photos and videos from our hikes around unknown and beautiful Kosovo. 

Except Hiking Njeri - Kosovo Hiking Trips, as part of you can check: Snow Njeri (launched), Tennis Prishtina (soon), Skate & Parkour (soon), Air & Aqua, Auto Moto, DJ, all to be launched time after time. 

We hope that you will fit in one of our activities in order to get informed, be part of it and enjoy its attractive content. 

Live to the Maxx !