Hiking Njeri / Kosovo Hiking Trips is an organization, formed in order to promote the beauty of Kosovo mountains and nature through excursions, photos, videos, publishing books and other projects.

Be part of the excursions organized by our Association and enjoy mountains and the nature of Kosovo. Our hikes usually take place on Sundays and sometimes Saturdays. We also organize private hikes during other days.

The hiking season starts in the beginning of March and lasts until end of the year. The announcements about the upcoming hike are posted on the link of our page “Activities” but also on our pages on Facebook and Instagram,“Kosovo Hiking Trips”. For more information about our organized excursions please contact us through our e-mail or phone (check “Contact”).


Kosovo has more than 200 mountains and Hiking Njeri – Kosovo Hiking Trips, visited them from all sides and during all seasons. The announcement for our upcoming hike and destination are usually posted in the beginning of the week, considering the weather forecast and the number of interested people.

We usually use buses for transport but there are cases when we use 4X4’s and vans for more remote areas in the mountains. The prices differ from the type of activity and start from 10 EU per person per day with a bus up to 20 EU per person for a day with 4X4 and a van. There are also other prices for more day trips, hikes out of Kosovo and private ones. The detailed information will be given in each event in our upcoming hikes. The price includes only transport and a guide.

To learn more about how Kosovo mountains look, please check our photos and videos in "Galery" and "Videos" or on facebook and Instagram pages (Kosovo Hiking Trips). You can also buy our book, "Majestic Kosovo Vol. 1" in the bookstore of Dukagjini, Buzuku (in Pristina) and Pristina Airport, www.hikingnjeri.com. 





Some facts about Hiking Njeri - Kosovo Hiking Trips

The first activities of Hiking Njeri took place in April 2004 and from that time more than 530 hikes have been organized. During this period, around 2 million pictures and videos have been produced, two books have been published (Pure Kosovo and Majestic Kosovo) and work in different projects about mountain tourism took place. In early 2008, the mistermind and the founder of Hiking Njeri, Arben Islami (Benny), along with Lorik Haxhiu, the co-founder and a big supporter, registered the organization as a NGO.

The first activity of Hiking Njeri began without any previous plan. On April the 5th 2004, the founder of The alternative snowsports organization called Snow Njeri (The Snow Man),Benny, alongside with his friends decided to ski in Brezovica ski center. That day for unknown reasons the lifts didn't function although there was enough snow to ski. In order not to waste the day, Benny and friends hiked to the top of the ski run. Returning to Pristina after a phenomenal hiking day, Benny decided to call the new activity Hiking Njeri (the Hiking Man).